The Self Illusion: How Our Social Brain Constructs Who We Are

I saw a couple weeks ago that one of my favorite neuroscientists, Sam Harris, interviewed Bruce Hood on his website.

This notion of “Self Illusion” is quite fascinating and resonates with Dr. Harris’ recent writings on the illusion of Free Will.

This book is definitely going on my ‘Need To Read List’!

Darren Eger

Maria Popova over at Brainpickings wrote a great piece about Bruce Hood’s book; Self illusion. I liked it so much I shamelessly cut and pasted it here for you (the link to the original is here). Brainpickings is a great site and well worth subscribing too.  Thanks Maria for bring this one to our attention.

The Self Illusion: How Our Social Brain Constructs Who We Are

by Maria Popova

Hume was a neuroscientist, or what early aviation has to do with the psychology of identity.

We’ve already seen that the notions of stable character and fixed personality are a myth. And yet, our culture is wired for labels and checkboxes, eager to neatly file people away into categorical cabinets and thrown into furor over the slightest inkling of multiplicity. Take, for instance, Howard Hughes, at once a legendary aviator, movie mogul, tycoon, and socialite, and a…

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