Adobe Digital Marketing

I spent some time researching the topic of this infographic for a client last year, and I think it is a quite accurate list of how to implement an efficient digital marketing strategy.

When you drill down the basics, it really gets to the necessity to understand social science research, and the ability to apply it with an unlimited pool of variables.  Success is a blending of the subjective (i.e., situation specific, and the experts should be asking relevant, thought out, strategy-driven, questions) and the objective, in the sense that experimentation and analysis are the underlying core processes of how to make these optimization decisions.

Without encroaching any proprietary information breaches from that client, I can provide a Cribbed note to the infographic, which I believe is especially relevant:

Measure Constantly, Analyze Carefully, Make Meticulous Inferences, and Take Action with Alternate Plans in Mind!

  • You NEED to measure what’s happening.
  • You NEED to analyze the data accurately and precisely (bad analysis is worse than no analysis).
  • You NEED to DO something, i.e., to use the data analysis to drive future actions (not just measuring and analyzing for the sake of it).
  • You NEED to be able to recognize failures quickly with the agility to switch plans on the fly.
This is applicable to more than just organizations as well.  With the next “natural” resource being big data, those who have these skills will be able to navigate the digital world like falcons, while those not-in-the-know will be forced to stay close to the ground, disabled by their limited and skewed perception of the world, squandering around like field mice.



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