Pitfalls of Freelancing

Infographic from MastersDegree.net – Pitfalls of Freelancing

Here you have it, another infographic that I found recently which I believe is right up my alley!  I find it curiously funny that it originates from the website mastersdegree.net.  But then I saw the statistic that 20% of freelancers have advanced degrees compared to 8% without- go figure.

I’ve freelanced, or contracted, or consulted (whatever you wish to call it) for the last three years, and I can definitely attest to some of the pitfalls (and perks) discussed.

Content-wise, I liked it.  However, the 8-bit design/format was not as easy on the eyes as it could’ve been considering the sleek infographics I see commonly at Visual.ly (which is a great site to check out if you’ve never heard of it).

Michael Cilla, M.S.

Pitfalls of Freelancing
Created by: MastersDegree.net


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