A great post by Trevor Nagle for anyone charged with the responsibility of motivating others, whether they be subordinate employees or students! You should always be empathizing with them and taking on their motivational mindset of What’s In It For Me?

I/O Musings of a Skeptical Positivist

I had to laugh, as I was finishing designing the research methods course that I’ll be teaching next term.  How will I possibly retain the title of Professor Cool teaching a class like this?  Let’s be honest, while I’m an admitted research geek, I recognize that not everyone shares this perspective.  And while I think that’s more indicative to a misunderstanding of the research process and methodologies, it’s a reality I have to acknowledge.

More than the subject matter, however, it’s the rigor of this upcoming course that has focused my concern.  It’s a really good course.  But it’s also going to be a really difficult course.  That’s also a reality I need to acknowledge.  In eight short weeks, I have a ton of material to cover, and there’s not much that can be cut out without undermining the students’ need to develop solid applied research skills.

Qualitative versus quantitative…

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