What is “emotion analysis”?

Communication is complex, but there’s an app for that!


Do you believe everyone who says “fine” when asked how their day is going? Think everybody who RSVP’s to a party will show up? Chances are, there were clues in their facial expressions that gave away their true feelings. That’s facial coding at work, and my company – opening.co – is broadening its use.

A real “superpower”

Facial coding can gauge emotional sentiment. It’s a scientifically proven, data-driven approach to measuring true engagement. It’s used in many ways today — consumer research, politicians, gaming, security, etc. Show people a stimulus — new car design, movie trailer, political debate — and observe how they react. Greater accuracy can lead to more sales.

This same approach can, and should, be used by companies to analyze workplace interactions like sales pitches, employee engagement, training classes, job seekers, or C-level presentations. Getting any of these activities wrong impacts the top and/or bottom line.


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