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Fresh Perspectives on Psychometrics & Psychology

When I think of culture, the global connotations of this word spring to mind. The norms, traditions and nuances that exist between different countries boil down to the culture that exists within them. This anthropological concept has been borrowed by occupational psychologists, to refer to the culture that exists within organisations. Despite the wide and varied definitions of organisational culture, of which there are many, to me it’s quite simple. It can be summarised by the phrase “it’s just the way we do things”. It represents the norms, the everyday routines, etiquettes and unconscious acts that employees engage in at work.

But what is there to be gained from awareness of your organisational culture? The answer is simple. A strong culture leads to organisational success. Certain culture types have been linked to certain outcomes, but the bottom line is that culture impacts the bottom line (Prajogo and McDermott, 2011). Organisational…

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