Trends in Gaming Industry

This is a cool infographic that depicts the trends of various factors within the gaming industry (e.g., sales, devices, market segment).  It’s evident from the data that gaming has been disrupted by the dynamic prevalence of social media coupled with the growth of mobile device consumption.  BUT, a strong caveat at almost every section break in the graphic is that the CORE, not casual, gamers who are the segment most responsible for driving sales.

“Physical sales still make up the lion’s share of gaming software revenue”.  “Consoles remain the most popular type of gaming”.  And, “video game sales are still driven by core gamers”.  It does end with the final bullet, a stat that shows Call of Duty hitting $1 Billion of sales in 16 DAYS!!!  So, I suppose as an infographic, it isn’t too misleading.

My point is that while the blogosphere speculates “some major players” may be developing a strong focus on digital for the future, I think that the “true” gaming community is looking for more than social media expansion packs for a style of gaming which they’ve been brought-up on.


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