Scary Stats About Being Sedentary

Scary Stats About Being Sedentary [Infographic]

Posting this as my own reminder to avoid prolonged sitting.

The graphic says that it’s the time spent away from “the office” (basically doing almost any knowledge-generated work now-a-days) which is most important.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I have a serious hobby (habit) for searching out and finding anything and everything funny in the form of TV shows or film.

On another related note, I saw this article in about the founder of Keen, (the shoe company that makes those ridiculous sandal shoes), and his design for a new office chair (?).

Indeed, judging by the picture it seems like it’s designed to discourage sitting!



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  1. Reblogged this on JesSanmartinLimes and commented:
    Wow, all this years of wrecking chairs by sitting at a 135º, and now I get it, my body was telling me how to do it. Once again, follow your instincts!


  2. I think I’ve found my favourite blog…. Kudos, Michael.


    • Hi! Thanks so much for the kind words! Really, I’m still trying to figure this out- so everything is quite minimal.

      I definitely appreciate the encouragement, and will keep posted on your blog as well.

      Thanks again, and best regards!


  3. Reblogged this on Truth About Exercise and commented:
    With the latest press coverage about how inactivity is as deadly as smoking I thought this info graphic was really useful. Worth taking a look at ’11 exercises to do at your desk’ as well.


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