Warby Parker’s Year-End Report as a Series of Infographics

Another very cool example of visualizing what would otherwise be boring information: http://www.warbyparker.com/annual-report-2011

Check out the random factoids that made it into this innovative company’s annual report, e.g., number of monocles sold, most popular misspelled search terms, most popular frames by state, and most popular happy hour beers!

Excerpt from FastCompany.com:

“The initial idea came because one of our designers, Jarrett Fuller, creates a personal annual report in the form of an infographic every year. We were just blown away by the response. We thought some people would find it interesting, but it was retweeted 2,000 times and led to our three highest consecutive day of sales–even more so then when we were in CBS Sunday Morning or the New York Times. For us it was incredibly exciting that people were that interested in taking a look under the hood, so to speak.”


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